The NCredible Framework is a learning roadmap tool.

Researchers face universal challenges: resource scarcity and confusion around the value of research.

In response, we created a simple tool to publicize and organize their learning needs and questions. To effectively leverage research, teams must deconstruct and scrutinize their questions openly. When teams understand the potential of research as it is used serve their organization, they can be better contributors to and consumers of research efforts.


The NCredible Framework provides:

  • talking points and language to describe the work of research

  • moments of reflection and assumption checking for teams

  • a strategic roadmap for designing studies

Ultimately, the NCredible Framework is a vehicle to externalize the researcher brain, by using a shared canvas to discuss and deconstruct unknowns. The result is more alignment, understanding and transparency as researchers embark on study design for a specific learning objective.

For more details, read our article in UXPA Magazine.

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Bring NCredible to Your Team

NCredible is for organizations of all sizes in private, public, and social sectors.


For organizations, local conferences, and other entities that educate the community, this can be done online or in-person. 

phase 1 of A STUDY

For the research team with a project in mind, but with a need to position it strategically.

STAND-ALONE workshop

Best for distributed teams and professionals in businesses that want to bring more sophistication and a common language to research practices. 

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