twig+fish strive to demonstrate ethical and responsible practices in human-centered learning contexts. 

do no harm

We will protect people's dignity, body and material well-being. We will consistently assess the determination of any harm, to ensure the ethical treatment of any people with whom we interact. 

work transparently

To every extent possible, we will communicate the purpose, methods, outcomes and sponsors of our projects. We will be fully transparent with clients and participants.   

safeguard our data

To every extent possible, and prior to initiating any research program, we will discuss how data is used, stored and disseminated. We will not plagiarize, fabricate or falsify any findings.

maintain respectful working relationships

We will share with, mentor, and support our professional community. We will strive to establish sustainable working environments for our partners and clients, and avoid exclusionary practices.

We will not discriminate projects based on material sources, and will always consider a project's social merit. We will design research with universal design and accessibility in mind.

design inclusive research experiences